BizTalk 2016 Gets Real Love With Feature Pack 1

For quite some time, BizTalk was not getting the love it deserved. Sure, we got our platform alignment, and sometimes a new or updated adapter, but all in all, there were not many exciting new features. That changes now, with the just released Feature Pack 1 BizTalk 2016. In this feature pack, we are seeing more new features than we have in a long time, and shows that the product team, with our very own Tord at the helm, really is caring about the product once again. If you look at the user-voice page for BizTalk, you will notice a lot of suggestions are being made by the community, and this feature pack shows that we are actually being listened to as well! In this post, I will go into the new features being introduced.

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Recap – Sweden and Global Azure Bootcamp

This week was a busy week for me, in a very good way. I got to travel around again, this time to Sweden, together with my good buddy Steef-Jan. Having been to Sweden doing sessions last year as well, I was very much looking forward going back. I also got to speak at the Global Azure Bootcamp, a massive event all over the world with people speaking, doing labs and having all kinds of interactions around Azure.


We started on Tuesday going to Gothenburg, where I got to do a session on industrial IoT for the SWEBUG, showing how we can integrate with IoT Hub and Dynamics 365 using Logic Apps, Service Bus and more. We had a nice crowd, and lots of interaction, which is always a big plus. In my opinion industrial is where the big chances for IoT are, and had some interesting discussions on how others were seeing this. Continue reading