Integration Patterns In Azure – Message Router Using Service Bus

In the previous post, we have seen how we can implement the Message Router pattern when working with Logic Apps. As discussed, Logic Apps are a great fit if you have a limited set of endpoints to which you want to route the message, and if you have a need for various connectors. In this post we will look into another technology to implement this pattern, Azure Service Bus Topics. Topics are a great solution if we want to implement a publish / subscribe mechanism.

  • Capability to send our messages to one or more subscriptions in our topic.
  • Each subscription represents a virtual queue, from where subscribers can pull their messages, allowing receiving systems to process messages at their own speed.
  • Receiver and sender are completely decoupled, so systems can work independently from each other.
  • Topics have dead-lettering capabilities built in, so messages are not lost even in case of issues.
  • Easily add new subscriptions, so we can quickly on-board new systems.
Azure Service Bus Topics

Azure Service Bus Topics

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