BizTalk360 Custom Widgets and Power BI

Custom widgets are one of the new features in BizTalk360. These widgets are small web-snippets, which can be used to show dynamic data on a BizTalk360 dashboard. In this post I will show you how we can use these widgets together with Power BI to create a dashboard with information about our BizTalk environment. The data for this dashboard can be retrieved from tracking databases, BAM, etc. Tord Glad Nordahl has done a session at the BizTalk Summit 2015 on how BAM can be exposed via Power BI.

Once we have created our report we can export it from Power BI using Publish to web on the report.

Publish To Web

This will create an embed code, we will use this to create our custom widget in BizTalk360.

Embed Code

Go to Custom Widgets in the BizTalk360 settings page, and create a new widget. Give it a name, and paste the embed code into the script box. The size can be adjusted in the link to fit better on the dashboard.

Add Custom Widget

Save the widget, and go back to our dashboard. Choose Add Widget and select the widget we just created. It will now be placed on the dashboard, where we can adjust it to fit in nicely.

Add Widget To Dashboard

In case automatic refresh is set up in Power BI, the data in the widget will also be updated automatically. Using this together with BizTalk360’s own widgets we can create dashboards giving us all information about our environment we need.

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