BizTalk Server Extensibility E-Book

Everyone who has been working with BizTalk knows how powerful this product can be. It will allow you to tackle a lot of integration scenarios out of the box, but sometimes you will run into a requirement which can not be handled using just the standard BizTalk components. Luckily BizTalk can be extended on many points, giving you the power to handle all your scenarios. Some of these extensibility points are:

  • Ports (Custom behaviors and adapters)
  • Pipelines (Pipeline components)
  • Mappings (XSLT, Functoids, XPATH)
  • Orchestration (XPATH, Helper classes)
  • Configuration (SSO Helper)
  • Deployment (Deployment Framework)
  • Testing (BizUnit, Visual Studio Test, Custom clients)
  • Monitoring (BAM, BizTalk assemblies)
  • Rules (BRE)

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