Integrating BizTalk with Service Bus for Windows Server 1.1

At our customer we are using Service Bus for Windows Server 1.1 in conjunction with BizTalk 2013. For the setup I followed Paolo Salvatori’s solution, special thanks to him for this great guide! In Paolo’s solution Service Bus for Windows Server 1.0 is being used, so in our case we had to make a few adjustments.The main difference is Service Bus 1.0 uses version 1.8 of Microsoft.ServiceBus.dll, where Service Bus 1.1 uses version 2.1 of the DLL. I started by downloading the code, and replaced the references to Microsoft.ServiceBus by a reference to the new DLL in the ServiceBusForWindowsServerBizTalkServer solution.

Service Bus VersionNext I changed the version number in the following files (also found in the download, under the Setup folder):
•    WCFServiceBusAndSolutionExtensions.config
•    WCFServiceBusExtensions.config
•    WCFSolutionExtensions.config

Make sure to import the Microsoft.ServiceBus.dll you used for building the solution, so the version, into the global assembly cache, or you will get an error when trying to import the config file.

ServiceBusBindingsVersionOnce you have done this, you can simply follow the steps in Paolo’s guide to integrate Service Bus with BizTalk.

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