Passwords in exported binding files

Today I ran into a small problem with my PortBindingsMaster file.
We use the BizTalk Deployment Framework to deploy our applications.
On one of our WCF-HTTP ports we want to set the password from the SettingsFileGenerator.
I exported the PortBindings from the BizTalk administration console, prepared this for the BTDF, created a placeholder for the password, and set the password in the SettingsFileGenerator file.
However, after deploying the application, the password was not set on the port.
After some research, I found out that the PortBindingsMaster had this for the password:

<Password vt="1">[email protected]</Password>

The cause was the following, which means the password is hidden:


To solve this, we have to tell the PortBindingsMaster file that this is a plain-text password, by changing it into this:


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